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Our Scottsdale consignment gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 am until 4 pm. Our consignment and auction season is September – June.


PVESA chooses high end, custom made, designer inspired, items from estates, designers and other consignors. We then price, photograph and publish each item on our web site: .  Buyers can purchase these items at our gallery using cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, debit cards, or a check with ID. Buyers can also call us with a credit card. Due to our high level of sales activity we cannot “hold” items.  Items purchased must be removed in 5 business days.

Consignors can use their account balance to purchase items 

We price our items when they arrive in the gallery. About every two weeks we will lower the price of any unsold items.

Buyers can leave an offer on any item. For example: instead of paying the tagged price of $1,000 for a custom sofa a buyer might leave an offer of $800.  If the item has not been sold when it is due for a mark down to that price, we call the buyer who made the offer and offer the item at the reduced price.  

We have monthly auctions at our Scottsdale Consignment Gallery.  We identify items that have not sold during their consignment period and make one final markdown assigning a “Buyout” price and “Starting Bid.”  A 10% buyer’s fee is added to each winning bid.  Winning bidders have 3 business days to remove auction items.

Silent Auctions  Tuesday – Saturday Once a Month (check Calendar)

Silent auction items are identified on our web site, on Sunday evening.  To find these items go to “Auction”.  Each auction item will have a “Buyout Price”, a price at which a bidder can purchase the item before the close of the auction.  Bidding begins Tuesday at 10 AM continues through the week until Saturday at noon when we close the auction and identify winning bids. If you don’t already have a bidder number visit the gallery or call to register and/or make bid/s.

We encourage everyone to bid wisely and responsibly.   All sales are final.

Buyers are responsible for removing items from the gallery. PVESA maintains a list of movers that we can recommend.

For unique estates we will hold a private sale at the owner’s home. This is a great opportunity for our customers to see custom made, designer inspired furnishings in their original residential setting. For those special sales we send out invitations to our private e-mail list. We do not advertise these sales in the media or with neighborhood signs. To be included and notified of these and other PVESA activities send an e-mail to:

Do You Have More Questions?  480.949.2096 or send us an Email: