PVESA helps maximize the sales potential of an individual piece or an entire estate – from the consignment of a chair, lamp or piece of art to the liquidation of a life time of furnishings, silver, collectibles, rugs, fine linens, art, antiques, lighting, accessories, garden, silver, china and almost all indoor and outdoor goods. We will organize, market and sell these items in our consignment gallery, an in home private estate sale or an auction. PVESA will organize, market and sell these items in their consignment gallery, or at your home in a private estate sale, selling items in their “Dutch” auction style.

Personal representatives of an estate, attorneys responsible for the liquidation of clients’ estates, individuals who have unused furnishings in a storage facility, anyone planning to downsize or finds they have one or two pieces that just do not fit with new furniture or design changes, anyone moving out of state who does not want to move the entire contents of a home; PVESA can help in any of these situations – from simple consignment to a complete range of estate services.


First we find out what is most important to you. By assessing your particular needs, we help determine whether you need consignment, a private estate sale or liquidation services. Depending upon your timeframe and the complexity of the situation we determine which services best suit your needs.

Once you have contracted with PVESA, we create an inventory and develop a sales plan. We photograph, catalog and tag each item with a corresponding inventory number. This is the first step in our itemized pricing and reporting process.

We are aware of the current market trends in quality furniture, art, and antiques and can help evaluate all of your estate items. If you have very special or unique pieces, and require a specialized appraisal, PVESA will contact specific appraisers who can give you the information you need to verify the value of your items

In our Scottsdale consignment gallery, we arrange and market items for optimum sales potential.  Our consignment gallery allows time for local designers and buyers to shop and purchase high end or special pieces. Items that require a longer or specialized marketing strategy will do better in our gallery with “fair market” pricing rather than in an estate sale which requires a liquidation pricing structure.

PVESA will inventory, organize, price and position your household items for sale and then conduct either a private, public or combination sale over a one or two day period.  We price your items like they will have fair market time to sell.  The items not sold will be taken back to the gallery and have the remainder of the 60 days to sell.

There is no minimum for estate or consignment services. The amount of work involved, the property you have to sell, the location of the sale and the value of the items are factors in determining whether we can be of service to you.

PVESA offers comprehensive estate liquidation services: appraisal, inventory, packing, shipping, private and public sales; coordinating with family, executors, trust attorneys or other agents.

A good place to start is with an estate or household inventory.  PVESA can prepare a database, which will record, photograph and describe every item in the estate.

PVESA retains a percentage of the purchase price as a commission for organizing, marketing, advertising, selling and keeping an inventory of your items.  For an in home private estate sale or liquidation that requires other special services, there is a charge commensurate with the size and scope of those services.

Before incurring any special or additional services you require, such as item specific advertising, certified appraisals, shipping or other services arranged by PVESA, you will be asked to authorize all charges.

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