The Story of PVESA

The story of PVESA began 20 years ago when Anne Sarvas began in the estate sale business organizing and managing estate sales in her Paradise Valley neighborhood.  As a member of Paradise Valley Country Club and an avid golfer she had a never ending supply of friends and neighbors who were interested in buying and selling high end furnishings and accessories.  As the sales became larger and the items more expensive Anne kept thinking, “There must be a better way to optimize the price of these great pieces and still offer a bargain to the customer.” At that time clients were selling high end custom furnishings in one and two day estate sales where prices were slashed by the second day in order to liquidate an estate.

Playing golf one day with Mary Cantrell, another member of Paradise Valley CC  Anne mentioned her interest in taking the business to another level.  “I want to elevate these sales, taking the higher end, custom and designer furnishings and giving them a wider market and longer sales cycle.  Mary, with a background in national sales and marketing jumped at the idea.  “We can do this.  I’m in”.

They continued estate sale work trying new marketing ideas and gaining a loyal estate sale following including a growing list of designers and antique dealers. By 2004 they were ready to make the move to the next level of estate services and their own “estate sale gallery”.

Mary remembers, “We rented a space on First Avenue across the street from Nelson Barnum and next to Wiseman Gale.  We were scared to death.  Not exactly sure how it was all going to work we just started.  We took our first estate on consignment for a 15% commission.  We packed it, moved it, unpacked it, advertised in the local papers, sent out mailers and had a grand opening.  We probably lost money but we had a huge success with our idea.”
Since then, in addition to the estate sales and the consignment gallery, PVESA works with trust attorneys doing estate inventories, appraisals and estate liquidations.  The website grew and now PVESA was working with clients and customers all over the United States and in Europe.

The Gallery then moved to Scottsdale Rd. and Shea Blvd.  They had 8 wonderful years with many new clients and customers.  November 2018 they made the move north to Scottsdale Airpark, 7655 E. Redfield Road.  The e-mail list is longer, the consignment gallery has a waiting list and their innovative   “Dutch” auction is a huge success. The marketing strategy remains the same: high end custom and designer inspired furnishings and accessories in a gallery setting with fair prices and a 60 day sale cycle.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to be the Premier Estate Sale Consignment Gallery and Auction House in the Phoenix area.
We will provide creative solutions and services to best meet the needs of our clients.
We will provide our customers with quality service and honest representation.
We will follow our business philosophy and goals with honesty, dedication and teamwork.
And we will have fun doing it!

PVESA is licensed, bonded and Insured.